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  • Nicole Chen

Pearl Embellished Floral Print Dress

I've recently been loving Zimmermann's SS21collection- full of its whimsical colors, florals and dreamy silhouettes. For this Zimmermann Inspired Floral Dress, I'm using a beautiful panel print fabric to create the illusion of growing flowers.

I encourage you to check out Zimmermann's S21 RTW Collection on Vogue for inspiration!

What you need:

1. 4 Panels of Mood Exclusive Promenade au Pavot White Cotton Voile Panel (SKU: MD0012) Check out Mood's Panel Prints!

2. Lining Fabric of your choice (I used a solid white cotton voile)

3. White Fusible or Sew-In Interfacing

4. Elastic Button Loops

5. Buttons with Shank

6. Elastic (I used elastic to finish my sleeves; you may finish with a cuff or binding)

I self-drafted this dress, but once you break down the pattern pieces, it's fairly simple to construct.

Pattern Pieces:

1. Front Bodice

I slashed and spread my front bodice pieces; this created gathers for the bust, so there was no need for darts.

2. Back Bodice

I didn't have a zipper at the back of my dress, so my back bodice was on the fold. If you would like a zipper for easy on-and-off, remember to add your zipper seam allowances!

3. Sleeves

I added 2 inches at the top of my sleeve pattern for a slight puff, then used the same slash and spread technique to create a bishop sleeve.

4. Waistband

This was a long rectangle piece 2 inches x your waist measurement plus seam allowances. Cut your interfacing with the same dimensions minus the seam allowances.

5. Gathered Skirt

This fabric is sold panel by panel, so it's difficult to cut out a circle skirt and keep that beautiful floral pattern at the hem. So, I cut out a rectangle with dimensions: length of skirt x (waist measurement*2)


The cotton voile is smooth and flowy but also thin. It's best to insert a lining. A lining, in simple terms, is the same dress made from your lining fabric.

I made my lining exactly the same as the main dress, excluding the sleeves. Lay them right sides together at the neckline and sew at your seam allowances. Don't forget to lay your elastic button loops in between your outer and lining fabric!

Now, here's the secret to get a really neat and clean neckline... Under stitching!

What is Understitching?

A simple explanation is that you are stitching the lining fabric and the seam allowances (from both the outer fabric and lining fabric) together. The "weight" of the seam allowances will bring the lining to the inside and you'll be left with a super crisp neckline without the inner lining peeking out!

Tada! Now, you have your very own Zimmermann Inspired Floral Dress. Of course, you may alter all the pattern pieces to your liking and your fabric. Have fun with it!

If you have any questions or comments, don't be shy and start a convo in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Mood Exclusive Promenade au Pavot White Cotton Voile Panel Fabric was gifted to me by Mood Fabrics but all opinions are my own! I purchased all other materials with my own money.

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